Order Information


All of our orders are shipped in plain brown bubble envelopes. Large orders (more than 12 titles) are shipped in boxes with packaging peanuts. We will ship anywhere in the world inclduing PO Boxes. Shipping outside the US carries an additional charge. Orders placed in Canada are charged $3.00 PER title. All other orders sent to countries outside the US or Canada are charged $4.00 PER title.


All of are titles are in the NTSC format, Region 1.We are not able to offer PAL or SECAM format titles. If you are not sure which video standard your country is on, please use the selection option below.

The map below shows DVD region assignments:


We accept payment in the form of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. All charges will appear on your credit card statement under our parent company name - Monster Island Software


Orders must go through three stages, confirmation, processing and shipment. Normally, it takes us 1-2 BUSINESS days to process an order in-house (depending upon how many orders are before yours). During peak times (ie: Christmas) that time may be extended to 2-4 business days. AFTER the title is processed, we send it out. Titles sent within the US generally take 2-4 business days depending upon what part of the country you live in. Orders to Canada generally take from 5 - 10 business days and orders to other countries generally 7 - 14 business days. Canadian and Overseas orders depend solely upon customs. Please do not assume a best-case scenario (1 day to process, 2 to ship) on every order.


We are aware that the post office may make mistakes in the transportation of titles (run them by a magnet, throw them into a wall, etc.) When this happens and you receive a defective title please follow these steps and keep these rules in mind:

  • Contact us about the damaged title by e-mail. Include in the e-mail your full name and a complete description of the problem with the title as well as the title name.
  • We will exchange defective titles for SAME title only. No exchanges. No refunds.
  • A defective is defined as titles that won't play, have no image / sound or are physically damaged in transit. If you don't like a title or you accidently ordered the wrong title or a duplicate title, it is not defective and is not covered by this exchange policy.